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The Easy Thing

The Easy Thing.  The Lazy Thing. I. Am. Lazy. You may sit there reading this and think, oh girl I get you, a nd that is such a sad truth. We are surrounded by the easy thing. It is a thousand times easier to sit and watch TV rather than “go outside and play”. It is a thousand times easier to sleep in than go to class. It is a thousand times easier to order from Postmates than to cook. It is a thousand times easier to read than write (which is why I rarely upload my blog). Let’s be honest with ourselves. The easy thing and the lazy thing suck. They are not fulfilling. They leave you feeling guilty. For me, someone who is immensely hard on themselves, it makes me feel like the worst person in the world. Yes, I am also dramatic. The worst part of all: you miss out. You miss out on experiences. You miss out on meeting new people. You miss out on life. The whole reason I started this blog was to live my best life and write about it, to write

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